Bay Window Shutters

When stylishly adorned, Bay Windows add an abundance of charm and character to your living space. What better way to dress them, than with Bay Window Shutters. Choose from our amazing range of styles and colours and make your Bay Windows the centre piece of your room.

Bay Window shutters will enhance your room’s appearance and show off your fabulous Bay Window structure by effortlessly blending into the frames. Remove the need for curtains, create more space and transform your living area in to a brighter, warmer room, which family and guests can enjoy for years to come. These shutters are quickly becoming the most popular window installations within the UK.

Bay Window Shutters

Bay Window Shutters

Bay window shutters are also thermodynamically efficient. Bay windows, by their nature, have a larger run of window panes, potentially letting more heat out. By installing bay window shutters, you will be adding a secondary barrier against heat loss and therefore providing a more efficient level of insulation.

Bay window shutters also help provide a cooler living area during the summer months by blocking out the direct sun, whilst allowing airflow through the operable louvres. Whatever the range, you can find a wood or painted finish to suit your taste.

Book an in-home appointment with a Sunrise Shutters adviser, to discover the fantastic design options we have available. Our adviser will help you bring the design to life and take a full measured survey of your windows and provide a no-obligation quote.




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